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Tailor-Made Private Tours: Discover the City According to Your Interests

At Leros Transportation Group, we specialize in crafting luxurious city tours that showcase the best of New York City, including iconic landmarks and lesser-known treasures that make the city truly unique. If your travels take you to a different city around the world, worry not – our team can provide exceptional private tours globally through our affiliate network, ensuring the same level of quality no matter your destination. Whether you are exploring New York or any other remarkable city, our team is here to help you discover the highlights while traveling in style!

Cities like New York are famous for their numerous attractions, from historic landmarks and renowned dining establishments to bustling fashion scenes and vibrant nightlife. We understand that each of our clients has unique interests, which is why our private city tours can be tailored to suit your specific desires. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to provide you with lists of landmarks, popular itineraries, and personalized suggestions based on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to create your customized city tour! Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your luxurious city tour is everything you’ve imagined and more!

Luxury and Style: Top-Quality Vehicles for an Unforgettable City Tour

Elevate your city tour experience with our luxurious vehicles designed to provide unmatched comfort. When you choose one of our private city tours, you have access to a range of world-class transportation options, from elegant sedans to roomy minibusses tailored to accommodate your group. Each vehicle in our fleet has been meticulously selected based on strict standards of safety, comfort, and state-of-the-art amenities. Moreover, their sophisticated designs exude an air of luxury that is sure to turn heads. Regardless of the vehicle you choose, you will travel in style and feel like a VIP throughout your private city tour. If you are arranging this premium service for business purposes, rest assured that you will leave a lasting impression on your clients or colleagues!

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Navigating the City with Ease: Highly Skilled and Experienced Professional Chauffeurs

Our exceptional private city tour transportation service is made possible by our highly trained and knowledgeable professional chauffeurs. We take pride in employing only the finest chauffeurs who demonstrate a deep understanding of their service areas and the ability to expertly navigate any traffic challenges. As a result, you can rest assured that your private city tour will proceed seamlessly.

You can depend on our courteous chauffeurs to deliver a truly memorable city tour experience. All our chauffeurs are well-mannered professionals who prioritize your satisfaction and comfort. Whether you’re visiting iconic New York City landmarks or exploring lesser-known gems, our skilled chauffeurs will ensure you reach every destination safely and punctually.

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My flight schedule was altered multiple times by the airline. Leros kept up with all the changes, and my pick-up at JFK was right on time. Smooth and fast trip from there to home. Thanks!

My driver was an absolute blast! It is my first time in New York and my drive from the airport to my destination felt like a historical tour. Chris was professional, caring and super nice. I absolutely recommend this company

Leros is very reliable. The drivers are great and the cars are always clean and new. I always use them to get to the airport on business trips and recently used them to bring a group of 14 down to NYC for a Knicks game. I highly recommend.

Great service. Professional. There drivers knows what they are doing. I would recommend Leros to my friends and family

Promptly arrived 5 minutes ahead of the appointment for both to and from the destination. Polite driver and comfortable ride. Thanks!

Leros is an extremely reliable car service and my “go-to” for airport transfers. Shafat was a great driver, extremely courteous and friendly.

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